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Dongguan City Kesheng machinery Co. Ltd year-end party dinner review


Dongguan City Kesheng machinery Co. Ltd annual year-end dinner was held as scheduled, at the harvest festival, ablaze with lights moments of joy, also ushered in the Dongguan City Branch Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. was established 11 anniversary celebration, can be described as double happiness. The party is lucky enough to get the support of the guests and the major supplier, we provides rich and generous bonus prizes for our raffle entertainment, sincerely thank them!

Sheng in the family's hard work makes the Sheng in the cause of the brilliant achievements, we will never forget you for your hard work pay, we are grateful, grateful for our. Below is a we specially for everyone to prepare the prizes, see behind will be the flower falls whose home. In addition, there are abundant thick cash draw, everybody has a share, never fail.

The dinner started, host delivered the opening speech, a warm welcome to guests, suppliers and all the colleagues to participate in the event, wishing you a happy new year, family happiness, sheep year good luck! Sheng wish a more brilliant tomorrow! In this beautiful night, we gathered together, see our lovely family in after a busy day, still in high spirits, spirits, as our first line of comrades, and always maintain a best state, very worthy of praise.

In such a big day, our chairman Kosun for everyone to bring inspire people speech, to the guests, major suppliers and colleagues expressed a warm welcome, on the supplier's support to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you, and pay New Year's call, I wish you good health, good luck in everything, Shengyi Xinglong, Caiyuanguangjin! At the same time on 2014 has made an overall review, and in 2015 set a major goal: A, three new board listed the project to promote the work; two, rectification and expand the business scope and content; three, the company's products to the specialization, diversification of routes. Encourage everyone to continue to work in the new year where, with a new attitude, new steps, write a new chapter! Finally I wish our year-end party party a success!

2014 is a difficult year, but we haven't been difficult to defeat, our sales have continued to grow at a steady, all of this credit are inseparable from the efforts of every one of our sales staff struggle, whether it is hot or cold wind, they consistently do the work of a good customer service, bears the burden of responsibility, whether meet the problem, many unreasonable requirements, more offensive words, you continue to adhere to, you are our pride, we proud of you!

Here is our annual sales champion (middle), two leaders of the company specially for him awarded a mystery prize (red envelopes bulging, leave us a face of doubt and envy), of course other sales staff one by one to obtain the rich prize, our team is huge, here is inconvenient one by one out of the sun.

Kosun came many employees ten years of groundless talk, accompanied by so many years, the perfect interpretation of the "complete connotation, be in perfect sympathy with each other and sharing weal and woe", they are our elders, Kosun hero, they used the experience to prop up Kosun career, they are our pillar. Like the TV drama actor said: life can have several ten years! They are such a group of admirable man, they took five years, eight years, ten years or even more than ten years have contributed to the Department of life called Sheng, gold age people are so few, in such a fickle city atmosphere, and not every everyone can do a year after year, maybe they have hesitated, anxious, but ultimately reason over emotion, mature beat impetuous, this is heaven, is our fate. And you will cherish, cherish, cherish again.

Following issued by the Department of Sheng old excellent employees Memorial Award, is affection and kindness. We hope in a prosperous future Memorial Prize award on the stage to see your figure.