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After-sale service

Ke Sheng advocated the full no worries diamond service
Ke Sheng company is located in the most developed Pearl River Delta region of China, the surrounding facilities is perfect, we can provide the most practical solution.
Provide the most professional technical support and service guarantee in your Pre-sale / sale / after sale.
Pre sales: technical consultation personalized solution recommended plant planning
Sale: free installation and commissioning technical training
After sales: the production process guidance troubleshooting machine maintenance and maintenance of production lines to improve the supply of recommended accessories.

1 free service
1.1 free of charge for the user to install, debug equipment, user operation personnel, maintenance personnel for training, for the 2-3, from the device to the beginning of the adjustment to the trained personnel proficiency.
1.2 the whole year warranty, life-long maintenance, in the warranty period, our company provided free of charge because of the equipments defect caused by the fault of technical service and maintenance (non normal use reasons cause damage except), warranty period, the appropriate charge fee, the warranty period of equipment acceptance price date.
1.3 free to provide the required technical support for the user.

2 service response
2.1 to strengthen the pre-sale, service, "to provide 7 x 24 hours of technical consulting services, whole process services, lifelong service" implemented in the product manufacturing, installation, commissioning, maintenance of the whole process.
2.2 in the warranty period received the user reflect the quality of the problem, such as the need to address the scene, rushed to the user 48 hours, and within twelve hours to solve the problem.

3 regular maintenance
3.1 purpose: to protect the good running status of the equipment, and provide a maintenance plan for the tender equipment, and the period is two months..
3.2 content: lubricating oil; pay attention to the fuel tank, liquid level, timely supply; testing control system; examine the use of hydraulic system; view the use of the mechanical components.

4 service concept
4.1 service purpose: anxious customer is urgent, want to customer think.
4.2 service purpose: make our company equipment stable, accurate, efficient operation.
4.3 service concept: to meet the needs of the user is our goal, to provide "full care" service.

5 other
5.1 user survey system: every year to the user for at least one opinion survey, to understand the user's requirements, advice and criticism, and instant processing.
5.2 service line: 0769-83655029 13509802187 (24 hours on the boot).
Service complaints Tel: 0769-83842029